Sunday, March 8, 2015

Reading Books, Getting Re-Focused On Your Success

I know what I am about to say may sound crazy, but I have probably read one book from cover to cover in my life. I am a chapter type of guy. When I go to buy a book I search for the title on the shelf that attracts me, then thumb through the pages and find a couple of chapters that catch my eye. Buy it take it home and put it on the shelf. Occasionally on a bathroom break (LOL) I will take it with me to thumb through the chapters again. LOL

Last week out of all the books I have purchased over the years, I said I was going to pick out a few to read from cover to cover and re-stimulate my mind.
When I was in college in 1986 at Shaw University in Raleigh NC, one of my favorite books that I did read from cover to cover was by Shakti Gawain called "Creative Visualization".
 This book started me using my creative imagination to begin mapping out my radio career. I began to journal and put up pictures and writing about people in the Industry that I wanted to befriend and it all came true. What I realized now is that you have to continue that process and never let it die.

In my 30 year broadcasting career, creative stimulation is what allowed me to put together great radio shows, not matter who I was working with. Some I have stronger master mind alliances than with others, but it was enough to put together a winning program. I will share my diaries with you in which I now have over 53 and counting. Journals are great reflection tools. When my mother died in 2009, in her possesions I found out that she also kept journals. Wow! Pretty interesting reading to read what your mother really thought about certain situations. It makes you see the realness of adult life.

The law of cause and effect is so real and it will bring into your life what you desire. Also one of my favorite motivational audio recordings is from Earl Nightingale's " The Strangest Secret" done in the 1950's.

Watch the video of it....The Strangest Secret...You become what you think about The acutual version is about 36 minutes long.

I am currently in the process of reading these two as my new Cover to Cover reading program.

I have so many books in my library, and in my garage that I could become a scientist in the next 24 months. Knowledge is power, and the more education you acquire the more dignity and self respect you acquire for yourself and others.
Many Millionaires are self taught individuals and they have writings we can learn from and apply to our lives to duplicate their success.

If someone else has done it, that is a sign that it can be done over and over again.

Good reading everyone! Please share with me what you are reading to stimulate your creativity.

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